Deeper Than CBD

Defined Sleep promotes a deeper, more restful sleep than CBD alone.

Our patent-pending CBD-based formula integrates specifically selected, naturally occurring plant molecules (Terpenes) that amplify CBD’s inherent sleep-promoting qualities. The result is a superior night’s rest.

+ Tested in Rigorous Clinical Trials

+ THC-free

+ No Grogginess

+ Safe to Use Every Night

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Why Restorative Sleep?

Restorative Sleep is essential for optimal human health.

Science shows that our brains go through a four-stage cycle when we sleep. Restorative Sleep refers to the two latter stages – Deep Sleep & REM Sleep – that, combined, recharge our physical and mental systems.  When we get enough Restorative Sleep, the benefits include boosting our immune systems, regenerating cells, increasing memory, and feeling fully rested – among others.

Defined Sleep is specifically formulated to increase Deep and REM sleep to improve your Restorative Sleep. So you wake up rested and refreshed.

Our Science
  • Tested in Rigorous Clinical Trials

    Our clinically tested formula increases Restorative Sleep, and a manuscript describing this scientific breakthrough has been submitted for publication in a peer-reviewed scientific journal. 

  • Purity & Potency

    Unlike most CBD sleep products on the market, which are composed of plant extracts that contain undefined and highly variable compositions, Defined Sleep is made from CBD that is highly purified (>99.9% pure!). Our clinical research showed that the sleep-promoting effects of Defined Sleep require a high dose (300 mg/dose). The majority of CBD sleep products on the market only contain 10-25 mg of CBD, which for most individuals will be too low to promote a sleep benefit.

  • Zero THC, Zero Melatonin, Zero Sugar

    Every single batch of Defined Sleep contains 0.0% THC, as verified by an independent analytical testing lab. Defined Sleep does not contain any sugars, gluten or hormones (i.e. melatonin). The majority of CBD sleep products are extracts that contain variable levels of THC, which has been shown to decrease REM sleep. Published studies have also shown that many CBD products contain much higher THC concentrations than listed on the label.

  • Developed by Scientists

    Defined Research was founded by scientists on the belief that healthcare therapies should live up to their claims. Read about our approach.

  • Certified Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP)

    Our manufacturing is audited and accredited against current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). All of our products are also independently tested.

  • Satisfaction Guarantee

    We offer a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.

    And shipping is free!

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