Defined Sleep

The SCIENCE of Human Restorative Sleep

Real, Deeper Sleep

Defined Sleep is the only CBD-based formula shown to increase human restorative sleep, the most beneficial phase of the human sleep cycle. Scientifically developed, our proprietary combination of sleep-inducing molecules promotes a deeper, superior night’s rest to maximize human wellness.

What’s more, Defined Sleep is the only CBD sleep-aid to show clinical efficacy in a landmark double-blind, placebo-controlled human trial.

The Defined Difference

Formulated for the Deepest Sleep

Our formula combines pure CBD with eight additional plant-based molecules called terpenes. Research indicates terpenes can amplify CBD’s inherent sleep-inducing qualities, surpassing the basic effects CBD offers on its own.

Compared to pharmaceutical sleep aids, Defined Sleep provides a more gentle sleep experience. Pharmaceuticals are typically powerful sedatives that ‘knock you out’ and can actually reduce the deepest phases of sleep. Our formula induces a more natural drowsiness, then lengthens Restorative Sleep.

Why Restorative Sleep?

It’s all about wellness.

Science shows our brains go through a four-stage cycle when we sleep. Restorative Sleep refers to the two latter stages – Deep Sleep and REM Sleep. Combined, they play a key role in recharging our physical and mental systems.

When we get enough Restorative Sleep, the benefits include boosting our immune systems, regenerating cells, increasing memory, and feeling fully rested – among others. 

Clinical Trial Efficacy

Defined Sleep increased restorative sleep in a pioneering, comprehensive human clinical trial. It is the only CBD sleep-aid that can honestly make this claim. Details of our groundbreaking study are available in the Our Science section of our website.

Purity & Potency

Defined Sleep is made from >99.9% pure CBD isolate, delivering a better, more consistent sleep experience than other products made with impure plant extracts. Our formula also contains a generous 300 mg of CBD per dose, optimal for human sleep. 

0.0% THC, Melatonin, & Sugar

Studies show THC actually interferes with restorative sleep, and that melatonin's effect on sleep is minimal, at best. We've excluded these ingredients from our formula, well as sugars, gluten, hormones and any other components that may conflict with the sleep process. 

Created by Scientists

Every product claim we make is backed by clinical studies. Defined Research was founded by a team of PhD research scientists and medical professionals on the belief that healthcare therapies should live up to their claims. 

Certified Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP)

Our manufacturing is audited and accredited against current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). All of our products are also independently tested.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We offer a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.

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